Master in curating flawless sets. Internationally acclaimed progressive house artist.

DJ Ruby Biography

DJ Ruby is the most prolific underground dance music artist that loomed from the party island of Malta, amassing a huge fan base that follows him unconditionally, as well as an established name throughout the global dance music industry, mainly in the progressive scene.

Renowned for curating flawless journey sets and deliver an energetic positive party vibe where ever he performs, DJ Ruby is considered a true pioneer of his caliber, a hard-working and modest person that has always matured with the scene. He now boasts 30 years of experience, in which he obtained countless of achievements and acclaims which are impossible to mention all in a few lines.

DJ Ruby is responsible for being a major force in starting and shaping Malta’s elite dance music scene into what it is today. For many years, he hosted countless events under the Pure Promotions brand, setting trends for various clubbing concepts on the island, and introducing multiple generations to electronic dance music.

An active career that started in the early 90’s, and still going strong to date, saw DJ Ruby being featured at Malta’s most notable dance events, opening for many of the world’s legendary names such as Faithless, The Prodigy, Sasha, John Digweed, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Sven Vath & Nick Warren, as well as holding residencies at influential dance music institutions in the country, including a billing at all Renaissance parties in Malta throughout the 2000’s decade.

Over the years, DJ Ruby’s gig diary has formed to be more like an atlas. He has performed in every continent of the world, and is still regularly touring to play in venues all over the globe. From New York, to Sydney, to London, there is no clubbing city or destination that DJ Ruby hasn’t experienced was a DJ. Apart from performing in clubs & underground parties, he was also featured at notorious festivals such as Timewarp, Ozora, Transmission, Berlin’s Love Parade, Creamfields, and Tomorrowland Unite.

As a music producer, DJ Ruby holds a vast discography of his own productions, remixes, 3 albums and multiple compilations. Many of his tracks are regularly supported by the planet’s leading DJs, with most of his music always finding a place in Beatport charts or selections.

After a very long and successful time working and focusing solely on the the local Maltese scene, in 2018 DJ Ruby went through a complete rebranding, he build a new identity and shifted his all his energy to break into the international scene. It took only a few months to do so. In a short period of time he made a name for himself, gained worldwide recognition, and founded a firm place in the global progressive house stage. His regular live video sets, streams, guest mixes, and the Prog On mix series with Proton, tend to go viral instantly, receiving constant good feedback from fans, clubbers, and fellow artists. He is followed by thousands on all his on social media platforms making him a very influential body in the scene. As an event promoter, in recent years he managed to make the progressive house scene bloom again in Malta. This is mostly thanks to his yearly event in partnership with Guy J, the Secret Series concept, Open to Close shows, and the regular Ruby&friends parties which already featured respected players such as Cid Inc, Stereo Underground, Jeremy Olander, Miss Monique, Subandrio, Golan Zocher & Emi Galvan.

With an international mindset switched on, DJ Ruby is now mostly touring, and has cut down on the non stop back to back gigs and events he used to do locally for many years. This has given him time to sit on the studio’s hot seat, focus, build a custom musical identity and produce tracks and do remixes on a more regular basis. In fact between 2021 & 2022, DJ Ruby had an array of releases on some of the best record labels of the progressive house genre. In this period he also put together two compilations which toped multiple Beatport charts; ’Constellations: Orion’ for SLC-6 music and Augmented for Mango Alley.

With an impressive biography that can be nearly infinite, DJ Ruby has earned a well-deserved reputation that can be only summarised into one word; legend!!


DJ Ruby Own Events

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Gig Dates

DJ Ruby Upcoming Shows.

07 January 2023
Silver & Smoke Club
02 January 2023
Yerevan, ARMENIA
31 December 2022
Yerevan, ARMENIA
09 December 2022
Medellin, COLOMBIA
07 December 2022
03 December 2022
DJ Ruby Open To Close
Sky Club Main Room
Paceville, MALTA
26 November 2022
Alka Complex
Skopje, North Macedonia
25 November 2022
Destination Unknown
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
19 November 2022
Yalta Club
18 November 2022
Club Code
04 November 2022
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
29 October 2022
Zombies In Eden
Mosta, MALTA
23 October 2022
La Foresta & Music Is The Answer ADE
19 October 2022
Meanwhile & Morning After ADE
Club NL
15 October 2022
Ruby&friends feat. GMJ & Matter
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
08 October 2022
La Grotta
Xlendi, GOZO
30 September 2022
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
24 September 2022
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
16 September 2022
Black Out Events
Cairo, EGYPT
10 September 2022
Ruby&friends After Party
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
10 September 2022
Ruby&friends feat. Guy J
San Gwann, MALTA
3 September 2022
Progresivna Suza
Levan Island
27 August 2022
Beefam Records
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
21 August 2022
Progressive Wave The Gathering
Adzi Tepe
20 August 2022
Progresivna Suza pres. Turija Festival
Turija, SERBIA
06 August 2022
Lost In Eden
Mosta, MALTA
30 July 2022
Save The Night by Jägermeister
St. Julians, MALTA
29 July 2022
Farsons Beer Festival
Casa Electronica
Ta Qali, MALTA
24 July 2022
Folie Marine
16 July 2022
Destination Unknown
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
09 July 2022
Vinyl Classics On The Beach After Party
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
09 July 2022
DJ Ruby Vinyl Classics On The Beach
Palm Beach
Amier, MALTA
02 July 2022
Miss Monique
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
25 June 2022
DJ Ruby Birthday Party
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
25 June 2022
DJ Ruby Birthday Yacht Party
Hera Cruises
Sliema, MALTA
04 June 2022
Genesis pres. Guy Mantzur
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
28 May 2022
DJ Ruby Retro Vinyl Rave
Treehaus @ Uno Village
Ta Qali, MALTA
14 May 2022
DJ Ruby Secret Series : The Secret Garden
Ta Qali, MALTA
06 May 2022
Sinergia & Sótano
Ocaso Club
Barcelona, SPAIN
02 May 2022
Infinity Zone & Parallel Lines
Dahabyia Nile Cruise
Cairo, EGYPT
30 April 2022
Club Elite
Guwahati, INDIA
24 April 2022
Orbita Project
Romeo Lane
23 April 2022
Kolkata, INDIA
16 April 2022
Orbita Project
Cafe La Musica
08 April 2022
La Foresta pres. Spectrum
Southern Coast
Unawatuna, SRI LANKA
25 March 2022
DJ Ruby & Emi Galvan
La Biblioteca
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
23 March 2022
Inspire Producciones
12 March 2022
Sunset Vibes
Creta Rooftop
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

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