Master in curating flawless sets. Internationally acclaimed progressive house artist.

DJ Ruby Biography

DJ Ruby is the most prolific underground dance music artist that loomed from the party island of Malta, amassing a huge fan base that follows him unconditionally, as well as an established name throughout the global dance music industry, mainly in the progressive scene.

Renowned for curating flawless journey sets and deliver an energetic positive party vibe where ever he performs, DJ Ruby is considered a true pioneer of his caliber, a hard-working and modest person that has always matured with the scene. He now boasts 30 years of experience, in which he obtained countless of achievements and acclaims which are impossible to mention all in a few lines.


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Gig Dates

DJ Ruby Upcoming Shows.

25 April 2024
La Juanita
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
30 April 2024
Inspire Producciones
Le Coq
10 May 2024
The Room
Palmas, BRAZIL
11 May 2024
Auditoria Recoleta
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
25 May 2024
The Playground Presenta
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
31 May 2024
Paceville, MALTA
01 June 2024
Cafe De Antolia
Boomerang Festival
Ta Qali, MALTA
02 June 2024
Ruby & S.Mario B2B Vinyl Set
Boomerang Festival
Ta Qali, MALTA
06 June 2024
Ruby & S.Mario B2B Vinyl Set
Earth Garden
Ta Qali, MALTA
08 June 2024
Synthesis pres. Vortex
Reef House
Colombo, SRI LANKA
15 June 2024
H!de & Prime Fm presents
Budapest, HUNGARY
20 June 2024
Paceville, MALTA
29 June 2024
DJ Ruby Birthday Sunset Yacht Party
Hera 2 Yacht
Sliema, MALTA
29 June 2024
DJ Ruby Birthday Party
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA
26 July 2024
Bud X - Casa Electronica
Ta Qali National Park
Ta Qali, MALTA
10 August 2024
The Playground
Paceville, MALTA

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